School Feeding Program

By talking to our team in Haiti, we learned that many schools in Haiti deliberately keep the school day hours short, especially for the younger children.

This is because many students come to school unfed, without a lunch and are unable to purchase food during school hours.

The teachers and school directors fear that the youngest students will pass out from hunger. So, they are let out early to go home and hopefully eat.

Haiti is plagued with an under-nourishment problem. We are working to provide in-school meals to all our students. This will allow us to extend the school day and better educate the children.

Home Roots is working to start and sustain a school feeding program. Please help with these efforts by making a contribution to support the school feeding program.

Scholarship/School Supplies Program

Too many students in Haiti simply cannot pay tuition regardless of how low it is.

For too many families it is an issue of bare survival with no funds available for uniforms, shoes and other school related expenses. It is then unsurprising that Haiti has a high rate of illiteracy.

Moreover, many students start school but have to stop going very early during their primary years because of lack of money to pay tuition and school supplies. In high schools it is common to find overflowing classes.

Many of these students can be in their twenties as some had to stop going to school due to lack of funds or sickness.

We hope to eventually partner with the Haitian government to address these issues in a systemic manner.

Home Roots Foundation has a small scholarship program that is aimed at preventing students from having to leave school. We also encourage older people to go to school for the first time or return to school.

Teacher Salaries Campaign

To make the schools affordable tuition is set low. However, the cost of tuition is not enough to cover the salaries of the teachers even if all the students paid on time.

Further, the teachers are currently paid at the low end of the pay scale. We want to increase teacher salaries and properly compensate them for their hard work and sacrifice.


Our dream in Haiti is to see every child receive an education through high school.

As a young attorney in Haiti, I want to focus on issues that impact women and children. I think being a part of Home Roots Foundation will help me realize this dream.

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