SET-CLUB (speak English together) was founded by Herold Morvan and his team on February 13, 2016. The purpose of SET-CLUB is to teach Haitian children and youth English and expose them to American culture through studying the English language. This is done through traditional classroom instruction, books, videos, and movies. There is no tuition charge to the students and Home Roots Foundation helps to provide materials. The idea for this came about because Herold had a strong desire to help his country and increase opportunities for young people.

With no financial resources he thought he initially he could not contribute anything but then realized the importance of the English language when he started learning it. He saw some jobs in Haiti required the ability to speak the English language and concluded this is the global language. Herold thinks in the future English will be a major language in Haiti after creole. For now his gift to Haiti is to help spread English and awareness of other cultures and ideas from abroad. SET-CLUB meets every Thursday and Saturday.