Our vision is enhancement of the lives of poor marginalized groups globally through education, economic upward mobility, and fostering civic engagement and the empowerment that result from self-advocacy.In Haiti our goal is to contribute to the economic, social, and civic development of the communities we are active in.

To meet these goals, we work at the grassroots level with the Haitian people so they can help guide our projects to make them meaningful and positively impactful.

Our immediate plan is to build and acquire more schools with strong curriculum that prepare students to be productive members of a 21st century world. All schools will have computers, teach English, provide school lunch, tutoring, and supplies.

In the future, with more resources, we envision having a village with safe and decent housing, strong education institutions and businesses--all with modern infrastructure. This will be built on organizational principles and serve as an exemplary place to attest to the potential of Haiti.

We believe that all members of society should have a voice in the social planning and policies that impact our lives. Community building must be inclusive.

Marginalized and historically discriminated groups in a society should also be in positions of leadership. Only then can their interest be fully represented. This is why we have local Haitian activists in leadership positions inside the organization. Women, girls and youth in many societies throughout history have not been valued.

Poverty can affect women disproportionately. The number of street children have increased since the earthquake of 2010 and hurricane Mathew.

These children are subject to abuse. We plan to be active in these areas by working with social groups, government, and the people effected directly.

In Home Roots Foundation, women are found in important leadership positions. We intend to work to improve the status of women in Haitian society.

From our board of directors to programs we undertake, we practice our vision of equality and respect for all.


Our dream in Haiti is to see every child receive an education through high school.

I want to work with kids and focus on the street kids. I want them to go to school. Working with the youth is an investment in the future of Haiti

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