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About Us

Students from our Speak English Together (SET) Club
SET Club offers free classes to students twice a week

Our Mission Statement

Empowering women and children in Haiti to overcome poverty through entrepreneurship, sustainable livelihoods, and quality education.

Our Vision

We envision an equitable Haiti where equal opportunities are accessible to all. Our mission is to enhance the lives of marginalized groups through economic mobility, education, civic engagement, and self-empowerment. Recognizing historical and current inequalities, we prioritize the empowerment of women, girls, children, and youth, as poverty often affects them disproportionately. We believe in inclusive community building, giving every member of society a voice in shaping policies that impact their lives. Our two interconnected programs are voices of the community.

We actively listen, learn from past experiences, and understand the nuances of both successes and challenges. This invaluable knowledge informs our gender-and community-centered programs, aimed at creating lasting impact. To achieve this, marginalized groups must hold leadership positions, ensuring their interests are fully represented. Within Home Roots Foundation, women play pivotal leadership roles, reflecting our unwavering commitment to equality.

Our Board of Directors

ceo paul

Joseph L. Paul, Founder

Mr. Paul is the founder of Home Roots Foundation. He has been active in groups such as Empower DC, City Year and involved in various campaigns for social justice in Washington, DC and Boston where he started his social activism as a teenager. He was born in Haiti but grew up outside of Boston. Mr. Paul travelled to Haiti ten times since 2018 to meet with people from all walks of life including farmers, various women’s groups and educators. He believes in community-led programs as the way to provide the tools and resources communities need. His grassroots experiences in Haiti, he believes, will allow the organization to better serve the Haitian people. He earned a BS in biology from Howard University, an MS in cancer biology from the University of the District of Columbia and is currently finishing his PhD in Biochemistry at Howard University.

Letycia Braswell-Pastrana

Ms. Braswell-Pastrana has extensive experience developing and executing community and economic development activities for vulnerable, as well as diverse, populations in need of resources. Letycia’s areas of expertise include strategic planning and capacity building, leadership and management, partnership and board development, program evaluation, and management of multicultural teams and projects. She has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Ella Austin Community Center, developing, and executing strategies in distressed communities while driving the financial stability for the organization. Prior to her role as COO in San Antonio, Ms. Braswell-Pastrana spearheaded the Gwinnett Community Alliance Inc in Atlanta, Georgia. As the Executive Director, she had oversight of programs, fiscal sustainability, and cultivated relationships with stakeholders. Currently, serves as the Executive Director of the Community Services Agency, AFL-CIO Council in Washington, D.C. Letycia has served on the boards of several charities and non-profit groups. She mentors young adolescent girls to engage them in youth civic service and leadership in their communities as well as become life-long learners. She has a B.A. in Health Science from California State University and completed graduate course work at Arizona State University in Leadership Education.

Olusayo louise Oluwasami, Treasurer

“Sayo” takes inspiration for nonprofit work from her mother who founded a nonprofit in Nigeria. She plans to continue her mom’s legacy of activism in Nigeria by establishing a medical practice and nonprofit organization there in the future. She is a medical doctor who is interested in women’s health and other issues related to women with a focus in the developing world. Sayo received her medical degree from Ambrose Ali University in Nigeria and a master’s degree in cancer biology from the University of the District of Columbia. She recently earned a PhD in genetics from Howard University.

Rose-Sandy Lina Julien​

Ms. Julien is a lawyer living in Haiti. She works with ESES (Espace Socio Culturel Pour Enfant De Siloe), an organization for children. She is passionate about children’s issues and women’s rights.

Jean Fenel Mirtil

Jean Fenel Mirtil Mr. Mirtil is the principal of Institution Mixte Source Divine. He has 22 years of experience in education as a teacher and principal. He is a respected community leader in Titanyen who was active in helping to establish a new community there following the earthquake of 2010.

Meet Our Team

Photo of Herold Morvan

Herold Morvan, Haiti Representative & Community Liaison

Herold has been with the Home Roots Foundation since our first year in Haiti. He is also the Co-Founder of the Speak English Together Club (SET Club).

Photo of Emanier Mitil

Emanier Mitil, Education Program Director

Mr. Mitil has 34 years in education including 16 years as a teacher, 10 years in administration, and 8 years as a school principal. He loves to teach young people and prepare them to help the country.

Photo of Sherline Pharius

Sherline Pharius, Administrative Coordinator

Mr. Mitil has 34 years in education including 16 years as a teacher, 10 years in administration, and 8 years as a school principal. He loves to teach young people and prepare them to help the country.

Photo of Mirlande Georges

Mirandele Georges, Women's Economic Empowerment Program Director

Ms. George is a women's rights advocate and trains women entrepreneurs. She is also a member of different women's rights groups.

Photo of Wadelene Corielan

Wadelene Corielan, Women's Economic Empowerment Program Officer

In addition to working to improve the situation for women in Haiti, Ms. Corielan is also a journalist and has led a women's rights organization.

Photo of Devert Manasse Samedy

Devert Manasse Samedy

Mr. Samedy loves being an agronomist and works to promote agriculture as a profession to Haitian youth.