About Us





Mission Statement

Alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship and livelihoods in Haiti

Our Vision

Our vision is enhancement of the lives of poor marginalized groups through education, economic upward mobility, fostering civic engagement and the empowerment that results from self-advocacy. We envision a Haiti where the masses of people have equal opportunity. 

Women, girls, and youth in many societies throughout history have not been valued. Poverty can affect women disproportionately. Therefore, we have focused on women. Within Home Roots Foundation, women are found in important leadership positions. From our board of directors to programs we undertake; we practice our vision of equality and respect for all. All members of society should have a voice in the social planning and policies that impact our lives. Community building must be inclusive. Marginalized and historically discriminated groups in a society should also be in positions of leadership. Only then can their interest be fully represented