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Our Collaborations

Home Roots Foundation started as a grassroots organization, meeting with local groups and nonprofits. Through collaboration, we can learn how to best bring about positive changes in the community. 

Connecting With Communities

Since December 2019, we’ve actively engaged with various community-based groups across Haiti. Our approach involves collaborative meetings with local officials, associations, and stakeholders, often by invitation. These meetings aim to enhance self-advocacy, boost the effectiveness of community projects, and collectively drive positive change.

Our initial journey took us on a 7-hour drive to Jean Rabel, where we met with the Organisation des Planteurs du bas Nord-Ouest (OPBNO), a group of farmers in the Northwest part of Haiti. The dire need for improved equipment, transportation, roads, and essential services became evident. The local public schools’ deplorable condition further highlighted the pressing need for change. Home Roots Foundation is committed to collaborating with this group, assisting in advocacy, and fulfilling their equipment requests.

Our next visit brought us to Belle Fontaine, an approximately 2-hour journey that turned into 4 hours due to challenging roads. We engaged with peasant organizations, Federation Groupman Plante Bel Fonten (FGPB), and Konbit Organizasyon Peyizan Devlopman Belfonten (KOPDEB). Residents emphasized the immediate need to address road conditions, with some students enduring a 3-hour walk for school. Agriculture and health services ranked as subsequent priorities. These organizations had previously attempted to collaborate with the city hall to improve the area, but these efforts proved fruitless.

In Les Cayes, a commune and seaport in the South Department of Haiti, we initiated our involvement after the 2021 earthquake. We joined forces with other organizations to deliver supplies and have since established valuable connections in the area.

In Sodo (Saut-d’Eau), a commune in the Center Department of Haiti, we work closely with churches, pastors, schools, women’s, and farmer organizations. Sodo serves as a primary hub for our initiatives, and we’ve also extended our work to the Port-au-Prince area.

These interactions and connections are pivotal in our commitment to drive positive change, empower communities, and long-term vision to alleviate poverty across Haiti.

Our Supporters

JustPax Fund, Peace Development Fund, Tawingo Fund, CPPS Heritage Mission Fund, April Fund

Our Collaborators

ODENOH, Street Business School, Business for a Better Society, Little Big Fund, Athari Group, Nonprofit Works