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Our Dream in Haïti is to see Every Child Receive a Quality Education Through High School
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Home Roots Foundation is a grassroots nonprofit organization on a mission to improve access to education and alleviate poverty across Haiti. We primarily focus on children, youth and women. Our goal is to help build better and more livable communities.


Our approach is to implement sustainable and impactful community-led programs. For instance, many of our students suffer from malnutrition, so we have started working with farmers to one day administer a feeding program.


Our impact is that students who could not afford to pay for school are now attending; entrepreneurial women unable to get loans, now can start a microenterprise; isolated farmers in the countryside now have hope. We at Home Roots are ever more encouraged and emboldened!

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Empower Women

Women are said to be the ‘backbone of the Haitian economy', yet gender inequality permeates the society. Many women express their desire to be independent to our team members in Haiti. In 2020, we initiated a women's economic empowerment program which provided grants to start or expand microenterprises.

Education For All

About 85% of schools are private, with tuition and fees most low-income families cannot pay. Almost half of Haitians aged 15 and older are illiterate. Home Roots Foundation helps to support two schools financially, provide scholarships, tutoring and help pay teachers.

Working With Farmers

According to the World Food Programme, 22% of children are chronically malnourished, 10% of children are underweight for their age and 66% of children under the age of 5 suffer from anemia. We are working with farmers to one day feed the students. Currently, we provide farmers training in Jean Rabel.

L'union fait la force

Together we can make a difference.

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About Our Action

Our dream in Haiti is to see every child receive an education through high school.

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